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"I started running barefoot in March 2008. I started one step at a time, one day at a time. I decided to start keeping a journal of sorts. Sharing my history, my journey and my adventures."

I have taken some new paths in relation to my running over the last year. This blog will still include my running adventures but I have to move on with more stories of my family and the journey we have taken together over the last year. This blog was started as a way to help me record my barefoot journey but now needs to become more than that. Please be patient as I explore ways to stay connected with family and friends.

Monday, April 25, 2011

My First Boston Marathon: Part 1

Well, I've had a week to put my thoughts to paper. I have so many great reports that I don't know where to begin. I think I will begin as a kind of diary. and then I will go into my experience at the marathon as a separate post.

The girls and I left for Massachusetts on Friday morning, 4/16. It was a pretty uneventful drive. We arrived at our families place in Berkley, MA around 3pm. I don't mind the drive. It feels good to be out on the road. My children travel really well in the car. I get asked all those questions I swear they save up for 4 hour drives. Like, "Mom when I was a baby how long did I breast feed?" My youngest, who is 8, has a new facination with the Baby Story on TLC!

Friday night was a long night, we went to see the Red Sox play! Whoo Hoo! I haven't been to a game since I was probably 8-9 years old. We had perfect seats! 7 rows from 3rd base! It was alot of fun. We had to ride the subway to get to the game. It's always fun to experience the MBTA. Since my husband lived in Boston for several years he makes the best tour guide.

Saturday I spent nearly the whole day in Boston. The children played with their cousins, my husband worked on some welding for his boat and I drove to the nearest subway, got on, went to the city. Yes, all by myself. I felt like a big girl! All grown up and taking the subway! :) LOL I have to admit that I am not ready to face the subway barefoot. I wore my huarches. Once I arrived I went straight to the Boston Public Library where I met the Barefoot Naked Tour run group. After a few introduction from Chris McDougall and a few photos our group of 50 or so barefoot and minimalist runners set off on our 5 mile run along the Charles river. WOW! Nice to see Boston that way. I got some pretty pictures of the river. The only thing that would have made the day even better was if the sun was shining. It was windy and overcast. After the run I went to the Naked Cabaret and book signing at the library. I got my "Born to Run" book signed by Chris and was entertained by a lively group of professionals including Dr. Irene Davis and Dr. Daniel Lieberman. After this event I walked to the BAA Boston Marathon Expo. WOW again. It was pretty big. I don't believe I got to experience the whole thing. I think I missed a whole room. Stayed long enough to get my race packet, t-shirt, GU's, and try a few new products. I usually do not like crowds. I hate to go shopping at malls for that reason. So I was happy to leave, take the subway to my car and drive away from the city.

I decided that the girls had been so good that I made plans on Sunday to drive to the American Girl Doll store so they could spend their Christmas money. Once again crowds! All the little girls, all holding their American Girl Dolls. I think I saw one father in the whole store and he looked lost. He had that blank stare look about him. LOL! We had lunch with our friends at the Cheesecake Factory. We don't have a Cheesecake Factory in Maine so it was a special treat. The girls were excited to see their friends. They had a good day. Charles and I spent the night at the Colonial Inn in Charleston. We walked to the North End for Italian and had a relaxing evening together. The kids stayed with their cousins and had an Easter Egg hunt. It was nice to spend the night before the marathon with my husband. :)

The next day is the Boston I think I'll make that a new post.

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  1. sounds like some good family time before the race, now on to the race!