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"I started running barefoot in March 2008. I started one step at a time, one day at a time. I decided to start keeping a journal of sorts. Sharing my history, my journey and my adventures."

I have taken some new paths in relation to my running over the last year. This blog will still include my running adventures but I have to move on with more stories of my family and the journey we have taken together over the last year. This blog was started as a way to help me record my barefoot journey but now needs to become more than that. Please be patient as I explore ways to stay connected with family and friends.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

"Minimalist", "Bareshoes", "Barefoot shoes" whatever! They all suck!

Ok not all barefoot runners may understand this; while many are figuring how to transition INTO a minimalist shoe of some kind so they can run barefoot....I'm trying to figure out how to get through the winter wearing the least amount possible on my feet. Barefoot is best! Does anyone think it is just as hard to go back the other way too? Barefoot into minimalist? I can't get my Merrell's or my VFF to feel right?! My husband can't believe how uncomfortable shoes have become for me. I have to put them on and just sit in them and then just walk in them for about 10-15 minutes just to get the feel for them. "yuck" While the world is talking about what minimalist shoe is best, how does this one fit, how does that one feel. Well, I think they all suck! I wear them because I have to. They are, like so many have pointed out, a tool. If I want to go trail running in frozen earth, in 19 degree weather I better have something to protect my feet. But after my runs I am so happy to sit and take the retched things off as soon as possible. So that's my rant. I have chosen to live in a climate that going totally barefoot, OUTSIDE, for a portion of the year is just stupid. ( Yes, I have lost the end of 2 toes and several toenails from frostbite) I have I do my best to carry on...but I still don't like shoes...and they ALL suck! If you see me running along and I'm wearing a minimalist shoe, (that's what I'm going to call them, because they are not BARE in any way!), and I'm actually smiling, it's because I'm RUNNING. And as long as I can do that I can smile.

Re-reading this post actually made me laugh...I guess I will never be a minimalist shoe tester! HAHA, give me a free pair of your minimalist shoes that I will never wear so I can tell you how much they suck! HAHAHAHA!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Barefoot Running Events 2011

I was trying to figure out why I was so tired these last couple of weeks. My normal runs of 5-8 miles 4-5 days a week have turned in 4 mile runs 2-3 times a week. I looked back in my running log and this is what I found: ( No wonder my body is saying, "Hey T you need a couple weeks off!" )

5/1 - Barefoot 5K (Barefoot Running Day)
5/21 - Coral Gables 5K , FL : 21:25 2nd in AG
5/28 - Barefoot 5K; (Pineland Farms Trail Running Fest.) 24:03 3rd Female
6/15 - Back Cove 5K Portland, ME :
11/20 - 3 mile Brewer HS Turkey Trot, Brewer, ME : 20:49 1st in AG

8/7 - Lobster Festival 10K, Rockland, ME: 46:57 2nd in AG

5 Miler:
9/17 - Lobster Dash Beach Run, Ogunquit, ME 35:44 2nd in AG

Half Marathons:
3/27 - Run for the Border 1/2, Portsmouth, NH: 8M VFF/4mBF
6/26 - Rail Trail, Augusta, ME: 1:40 16 (PR)
7/24 - Old Port 1/2, Portland, ME: 1:44 4th in AG
8/6 - Monadnock 1/2, Jafferey, NH: 1:58:04

9/25 - NYC Barefoot Running Event, New York City: 14 miles around Gov. Island.

4/18 - Boston Marathon, Boston, MA: 4:01:16
10/16 - MDI Marathon, Bar Harbor, ME: 3:56:57

On a side note this is just about half the events I participated in in 2011: There were 12 OTHER events I did in minimalist footwear or snowshoes. Including 1 other marathon and 2; 50K's.
Looking forward to 2012! :)

Monday, December 19, 2011


Well, here I sit trying to figure out what new adventure I can have in 2012. I believe a 50 miler (or 2) will be on the books and I have already signed up for the Kentucky Derby Marathon in April. Bring on 2012! Looking forward to many new adventures!

Run Barefoot Girl Interview
Here's a link to listen to my interview with Caity on Run Barefoot Girl. Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My new "minimalist"

OK...I have a new favorite: Here's a couple pictures. Bought these at the local good will for $2.99! New, in a package. They are warm, especially with a pair of toe socks, comfy and weigh nothing! Have a thin bottom but I can still wiggle my toes and feel the ground! YAY ME!

No Destin Beach 50 miler

I decided not to do the Destin Beach 50. Instead I think I will a 50 mile trail race at the Pineland Farms Trail Running Festival. It's here in Maine. I train on this type of trail all the time. And my suppport system can be there. Only 1 hour away from my home so commuting for 2 days of events great. They offer a barefoot 5K the day before the 50 miler. It's a great weekend event. I won a prize in my age group in the 50K last year! (and 3rd in the barefoot 5K - overall female).

Thursday, November 10, 2011

A barefoot 50 miler in my future?

Well, Ive' been contemplating on celebrating my 45th birthday on the sand beaches with the Destin 50 Beach Ultra. A barefoot 50 miler....hmmmm. Want to do this but not sure if logistically possible. The reason I'm holding back is that I don't have beaches to train on here in Maine. Can I train through the winter doing other things? Snowshoeing? Trail running in the snow? Putting in those long runs on the indoor track YUCK! (I hate that last idea) Cross training with pool workouts and elliptical? I could spend a few weeks in Florida to acclimate to the temperature and running on the beaches....? but where does that leave my work and my family responsibilities....hmmm...still formulation a plan.? Any suggestions?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Couch To Barefoot

Couch To Barefoot

My "footwear"

Here is a picture of what I use for footwear. I included my pair of "car shoes" because those are the 1 pair of flip-flops I use if I HAVE to.
Merrell Pace Gloves = Trails
VFF = Some trails and winter running if not wet or too cold(below 15 degrees F)
Huaraches = tool for winter running/walking and occas. as "car shoes" may add toe socks with them for extra warmth.
Injinji Toe Socks with duct tape = another winter running tool if roads are not wet.

What do I do if it is less than 10 degrees F 12 inches of snow with wind chill factors? Usually cross train indoors. If I go out for errands or to take the children somewhere I use one of or a combination of the above footwear. Last winter I used my snowshoes wearing my fivefingers with toe socks, which sucked, and my pace gloves with toe socks and gators.

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Sport Gel Recipe I made for my long runs.

Thanks to the no meat athlete web site for posting the recipe.
I made the following modifications.

Raw Lemon-Lime Sport Gel Recipe (from Thrive)

I only put in about 1/8 cup agave nectar (it's REALLY sweet with any more than that)

I didn't put in the dulse (what the heck is that anyway?)

I brewed some organic green tea and added about 4 oz. for some caffeine

I suppose like any recipe I use, I use it as a guideline and substitute for my own tastes. I actually like the date chunks.

Practicing for the Trail Half

There are a few things I do before every event/race I sign up for: For about a month, in my training runs leading up to the race, I try to picture the course in my head. I online research about the course, elevation, number of people participating, etc. (homework). If I can, I try to run the course or parts of the course. I also have to decide if I'm gonna run it barefoot or in minimalist shoes.

Well, this weekend I went with some friends to check out the Hidden Valley Trail Half marathon course. I'm running this course again Nov. 27th with 50 other trail running nuts. It went like this: Fueled up for this "run" with 2 pieces of whole wheat toast with peanut butter, some applesauce, 2 pieces of bacon and 2 cups of coffee. I brought with me about 3 cups of water in a water bottle, a granola bar, and some homemade sport gel ( took the recipe from Thrive modified it to suit my taste). When we arrived I had my fanny pack (which had water, homemade gel, band-aid, whistle and map), hat and gloves. I usually choose not to run with any kind of pack. But I thought if I'm going to do a 50 miler someday, I better get used to carrying my gear with me, especially if I'm going into the wilderness. This Nature Trail is WAY out into the woods. They have 100 acres with 24 miles of trails!

Well, the first half of the course is double track and well marked and we moved right along. A couple of nice hills and some water pools, but that's ok we love to get wet! The second half was not as well marked, we went off track a couple times...hills turned short steep climbs, single tracks looked like deer paths...but it was a BLAST! We didn't end up with the 13 miles because we got lost a couple times. I think it ended up being about 12. We saw 2 porcupines too.

Glad I got to run I know what to expect on race day. Did I say race...? We ran the 12. in about 2:22 or something like that, which is about a 11:36 pace? I was so spent. Walking to the car and crawling in I was so happy to sit down. That course beat the crap out of me.

Things I learned: I will not carry a pack of any kind, it only made me feel more tired and my stride was off. I will carry some kind of food, probably the homemade gel again it was good. Eat and drink a little more just before the race, I need more fuel. Walk some of the steeper parts of the trail to conserve energy. I wore leggings and I think I will on race day as well. The ticks were bad and I HATE ticks. (They gross me out! I hate them as much as snakes and fruit flies) Its good to be prepared. I also will be wearing my Merrell Pace Gloves.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Barefoot Halloween

FUN! Barefoot in 36 degrees! Yes, it can be done. :) Kids had a blast. We all got into the spirit of the evening. The adults kept warm with out hot mulled cider and the kids kept warm by running from house to house! We are: Freddy Kruger, Devil woman, Vampire, and Rotten Fairy Princess!

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Just a funny thing my daughter said. We were pulling into the grocery store and I told the kids not to get out of the car right away I had to look in my purse and see what I had for coupons before we got out. My daughter said, " your not going to be one of those crazy coupon ladies are you?" and I said, "I'm already crazy so would it even matter?" and she said, "not a crazy runner, mom, a crazy lady who clips coupons!" LOL From the mouths of babes! (She's 8) :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

2nd Barefoot Marathon!

I know...I never posted anything about the NYC Barefoot Run...I will. Just wanted to share this video. Now have completed my 2nd barefoot marathon. MDI Marathon, Maine. 10/16/11.
3:56:57 whoo hoo!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Trip to NYC (Barefoot Running Event) Part One

The NYC Barefoot running event happened weeks ago. I know I'm lame for writing about it now. I was so excited about going and then never even posted about it! So here's a little something about my adventure to NYC.

If you ever want to rough it in the city let me know. I'll get you the info. on a "hotel/hostel" in Manhattan fro $30.00 pp a night that you can stay at. We loved it! Not for everyone though. You have to like creepy hallways, smelly stairways and VERY small rooms. But , the price was right and we didn't plan on hanging out in our room. We were going to be gone all day exploring and only needed a bed.
Places we saw: Grand Central Station, Empire State Building, Central Park, Battery Park, Statue of Liberty (from a distance), Wall Street chaos and Sept 11th Memorial.

Our friend Emily met us on Sat. and we went walking in the city.
No pictures of the Sat. afternoon seminars and barefoot running workshops in Battery Park. We were busy exploring the city and enjoying Central Park. And we knew we would see everyone at the Barefoot Party on Sat. evening. We ended up at Battery Park just as things were winding down though. I was able to get one or two pics. and talk to my friend Frank Harczuk about barefoot running and the Sunday Barefoot run.
(Barefoot Ted and Caity in the rickshaw)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

NYC Barefoot Running Event

Getting excited. Can't wait. Deciding what to pack in a backpack (carry on only). Flying from Portland, ME into LaGuardia on Friday. Sight seeing with hubby and hopefully meeting up Friday night for some partying with my fellow barefoot enthusiasts. Saturday we'll spend the day seeing some more of the big city before we attend the big Barefoot expo and seminars on Sat. night. Then the run around Governor's Island on Sunday. We can run the 2 mile loop as many times as we want. I think I'm gonna make this into my long run training session and just run for as long as I can with a chance to socialize! WHOO HOO! Really exciting stuff!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Bruiser 12 mile trail run

I had a great morning at the trail run. At about mile 6 just after the second water stop (which were at 4,6, and 9 miles) I fell landing on my rights side got up and kept blood so all was good. A few minutes lated I fell again right on my hands, just saving my face from the dirt. My legs were getting tired. I picked myself up a brushed off and continued on. I was aiming for beating my previous time of 2:01:14. I did it. I finished in 1:59:20 and came in 5th female. Not bad for falling twice. Was beautiful weather. Sunny and in the low sixties. Lots of twists and turns on this course. Technically a difficult course. But, if it wasn't a challenge or if it wasn't fun, I wouldn't be there. :)
Ran this in my Merrell Pace gloves. Which numerous people kept calling five-fingers. still a minimalist trail running shoe, it is amazing the number of people who asked me how I felt running the course in them. Imagine the questions I would have got if I had done it completely barefoot! It was a VERY technical course which I could not raced barefoot....It would be possilbe to hike it barefoot but it would take awhile. Over many river beds, trees, rocks, stumps, etc....

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Here are a couple of videos posted from New England Barefoot Runners (Preston) Thanks. :)

Monadnock Half Marathon:

Lobster Festival 10K:

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Running: Segment Two - Video - WCVB Boston

Running: Segment Two - Video - WCVB Boston

This was a segment run on Boston TV that was HUGE for the barefoot running community. Just wanted to share this.

Old Port Half Marathon and 5K

Here's a few pics of the Old Port 1/2 Marathon in Portland, Maine. Had Barefoot running awards. My time is ok but not my fastest. Again, me and summer racing and the heat do not go well together. :)

Old Port 1/2 Marathon: 1:44:14

John J. Kelley, RIP, 1930-2011: 1957 Boston Marathon Winner; America's First Modern Road Runner

John J. Kelley, RIP, 1930-2011: 1957 Boston Marathon Winner; America's First Modern Road Runner

LaBelle- "Best Race Ever" Video

Great Cranberry Island 50K report:
Where is this island? Off Mount Desert Island of the coast of Maine. How long is this island? 2 miles long. The cool thing about this ultra is that you have to have the mental capacity to run up and down this 2 mile strech of road until the 50K distance is complete. I also get to camp on the island. After the race there is a lobster dinner and campfire and camping. I consider that a big part of the overall experience as well. This was my second year completing this 50K. I went there this year with hopes of beating my time from last year. This was my second 50K of the year and I had been training for this. I also had done it before so there no surprises.
First, this race won the video contest held by Runner's World magazine and Run all Night Productions as "the Best Race Ever"! I will post the video next.
This year was particularly hot! I had a really hard time. I don't know why either. I had trained for it. I was prepared. I ate everyting right and wasn't tired. There is a saying, "every dog has it's day" that was not my day. BUT, I love the island, I love the people, the race director, Gary Allen, is awesome and so is his assistant, Mary. I got to meet Gary's brother, Larry, who made me feel right at home and opened up a whole new world of island living for me. I met runner's and their family's from all over the US. We all had a bonding experience and enjoyed our lobster dinner and beers after our accomplishment. I left the island with some great memories, my first belt buckle medal, my tent and backpack on my back and another adventure complete.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Well, I felt like I write a lot about bthe barefoot things, but are any of you wondering about the mama part? As a mama I recently went through a guilty phase. I don't like to leave my family for the day or the weekend to go off and race. Sometimes my girls will go with me, other times I will be running so long that they will just be bored waiting at the finish line for me and then waitin for awards and driving in the car, etc. But, my husband said the kids are fine...don't worrry and in the long run you are setting a great example for them. You are showing them that you are a strong, athletic, independent woman. I guess to a point he is right, but I still worry.

I have a teen-age daughter who has a car and a job and a boyfriend. I never see her anymore. She'll graduate from high school next year and then be off on her own adventures. I miss her already! Our relationship lately has been about connecting when she is home. Trying to figure out work schedules and college visits and summer field hockey schedules and still have some time to fit in some family fun. I always said there is no manual on how to raise a teen-age daughter. I wouldn't follow it anyway, that's just how I roll. Making it up as we go has worked so far. :) I have had to apologize to my daughter on a number of occasions because she is our training model. We will have already gone through things with her first so we have a working model to follow with the next two girls.

The younger two girls, well, they still like to hang out with mom. One will be in the 5th grade and turn 11 this summer. The other one is 8 and will be in the 4th grade. People ask me all the time if they are twins. If you know them they are soooo different it is scary. My husband and I often say to each other as we watch them play, who do those kids belong to anyway? How do you raise three children all with the same rules and under the same roof and get 3 totally different people?

Love my kids...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Relay for Life (One Family Fighting Back)

June 24-25th: The Team! We raised over $1,000 for the American Cancer Society.
We slogged through the night in the rain and fog. We rode out 2 thunderstorms in our cars...but all for a good cause. Our family has been participating in the relay for life event for 4 years. It is a huge event in Maine. Our midcoast event had 24 teams who raised over $40,000. My family worked hard for over 3 months to make this a memorable event. We love relay! We Kept track of our team mileage and in the 10 hours that we were able to actually walk on the track, we recorded 75.5 miles which is over 300 laps! :) yay us!

Barefoot 5K and 50K at Pineland Farms Trail Running Festival

Okay, it's time to catch up....lots to do and write about. Having a wonderful barefoot journey this summer and some wonderful adventures.

5K Barefoot Trail Run at the Pineland Farms Trail Running Festival was a hoot. The New England Barefoot runner's used this as a Meet-up and it was really nice to see everyone again. The course was very barefoot friendly. The barefooters showed up and we rocked! Was also fun to run into Jason Robillard, who was there with Merrell and giving a workshop. Nice to get a chance to chat with him. The beer was really yummy too! It was a hot, sunny day in southern Maine.

And, the 50K! Wow! what a course! I ran the first half with my VFF and the last 25k barefoot. It as a very barefoot friendly course and I wish I had done the whole thing barefoot. The day started out foggy and muggy. It ended up being sunny, hot humid. I am not the best hot weather runner. I ended up having the dry heaves after about 4oK. I stopped and walked for a bit and composed myself. I was able to pull it together and get a second wind. I actually placed in my age group! :) My favorite part was the aid stops. Running along through the woods and then,poof, out of nowhere a fabulous buffet in the middle of the field!

The beer tasted sooo good at the end! I was able to stay and see a crow teammate finish and to see most of the 50 miler runners finish. It was a thrill to be able to complete my 2nd 50K! Pineland farms is a beau tiful facility and the Race director and his crew really know how to put on a great event. I can't wait to go back next year.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Doesn't seem to be enough time in the day to blog. I still need to write a ecap of my Barefoot 5K and 50 K at the Pineland Farms Trail Running Challenge weekend. Will try to be creative soon. Am focusing on my Relay for Life Team's fundraiser this weekend. a "Stomp Out Cancer Barefoot 1 mile/3 mile walk/run". It should be fun and I hope it is a good turnout. Have lots to write about...soon. :)

Friday, May 27, 2011

My way to celebrate

I decided to get a new tattoo as my way to celebrate my first Boston marathon and my first barefoot marathon. Here it is:

Why a crow? I ran for the master woman's Crow athletic team AND crows are cool, fearless, and don't care what the weather is....they still love to fly (or run)


In one of my earlier posts I stated: "One of the ends of my toes just fell off was a long time coming. Got frostbite last winter and has never been the same. Do we really need our toenails? A discussion for another time I think."

Well, I looked into the subject and found from "Ask Yahoo" this little bit of info. So I'm ok with loosing a few toenails. In my opinion I no longer need them and I'm ok with that.

We find nail polish to be a good enough reason for having them but thought you might be looking for a more scientific answer. We set out to find one by consulting the always reliable

According to the online encyclopedia, the human and primate nail corresponds to the claw, hoof, or talon of other animals. Human nails protect the tips of the toes and fingers, while fingernails help us pick up small objects and scratch ourselves.

On the other hand, the feet of primates are capable of gripping objects, just like their hands, so their toenails have much the same function as fingernails. However, human toenails seem to be an evolutionary leftover.

We searched the Web on "toenails fingernails" and "toenail purpose." Both of these searches turned up sites devoted to diseases of the nails, which provided more opinions. On one such site, podiatrist Michael Zapf agrees that nails are essential for manipulation and scratching (and he points out the importance of scratching in a primate or human's life).

But the doctor debunks the notion that nails exist to protect the tips of toes and fingers. He argues that your digits wouldn't be especially sensitive without nails. Dermatologist Mitch Bender appears to agree: "People can get along without nails -- toenails more than fingernails -- but they do make daily life a bit easier."

So, though there's some disagreement about whether or not toenails and fingernails serve to protect our digits, our resources all agree that our nails help us pick up little stuff like pencils, peanuts, and even bottles of nail polish.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

First Hash Run

Did my first Hash Run with my Husband on April 30, 2011! Cherry Blossom Hash in Portland, Maine....was a lot of fun! At introductions I was "Virgin Theresa" and I was invited to come by "myself" at that point we were off to a great start! :)

Proof that my husband was there...the cute one in the hat and VFF. This was our Sake Near stop under a cherry tree!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May 1st Barefoot Running Day!

Lake Quannapowitt

Main Street Wakefield, MA

A beautiful day! about 17 guys and 3 girls...come on ladies where are you? Was fun to hang out for the morning and meet some wonderful people. Spreading the word!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Other Female Marathon Inspirations

Well, I may be the first female to have run the Boston Marathon Barefoot...but there are some pretty amazing women who have also run barefoot marathons:
Kudos to you ladies for being an inspiration to us all. :)

Barefoot Angie Bee: Des Moines Marathon, October 2010 (This was her first barefoot marathon)
Caity McCardell: LA Marathon, March 2011 (this was her first marathon)
I think one other woman ran the LA marathon in March 2011 barefoot but I don't recall her name. If anyone else has this information please share it.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Boston Marathon: Part 2

My morning started with an early rise, about 6am...taking a bus from Charlestown to meet the Marathon buses at the Boston Common. Waiting in a line at the buses for about 45 minutes. It was a cold, windy morning standing in line. Note to self: wear toe socks with Huaraches next time...The weather man promised sunny and in the 60's right? NOT! The bus ride to athletes village took about 30 minutes...longest 30 minutes in history!

Athletes village was crowded with runners anxiously waiting to be called to the start. I followed some on-line advise: arrived, made my way to the food and water tent, grabbed a bagel and Gatorade and then stood in the bathroom line...ate while waiting...grabbed a banana and a smoothie Powerbar and a water and got back in line...ate while back in line while sipping done...they called my wave to start toward the corral. By the time I got my bag on the bus to be shipped to the finish...I still had to walk nearly 3/4 of a mile to my corral.(Wave 3; corral 1) I ended up running to get there on time. They called a 3 minute warning to the start and I was still way back by corral #9. When I entered my corral I had just enough time to take off my Huarches, throw them into my belt and go....WOW!

I never pictured what it would be like to start with that many people. I was surrounded at all times buy 100's of runners and even more spectators.

I don't use an i-pod when I run. I haven't since I started running barefoot. I like to hear the sounds my feet are making...when they start slapping the ground I know I'm tired and I need to focus on my form. This marathon was very loud. There was only one small quarter mile section that seemed to be "quiet"! I wished I had earplugs for most of the marathon. Glad I didn't at the end though. The cheering crowd it what helped me get to the finish line.

What I remember: (or remember thinking)
relax, focus, good form, relax, breathe, focus, good form...I have to pee, breathe, wow look at that shirt, nice, form , relax, I have to pee....( I stopped at porta potty about mile 5ish to pee AGAIN) sorry I drank so much before the start but I was really worried about dehydration. There are points in the marathon when things my family had said to me would enter my mind, like my husband saying before he left me standing in line at the buses, "you're going to be fine, have fun!" I wanted to keep it fun. I wanted to remember smiling. I wanted to finish and know I had finished my first Boston Marathon with my head held high.

I remember worrying about the water stops and wondering how to avoid the sticky mess that was waiting for me...I remember being excited when I heard the crowd cheering for me. When runners went by me or came up behind me and said stuff like." wow your barefoot, great job!" I would say something like, ' you're doing a great job too.." they usually would reply,"but I'm wearing shoes", and I would say, "yes but we all had to work hard to get here, I'm proud of you too." and they would usually just smile.

Heartbreak Hill? I'll say it again..what hill? Training on hills in coastal Maine certainly prepared me for that. I passed lots of runners on that hill. I wondered why they were walking? It wasn't that bad. I also felt bad for those runners and a number of times I tried to encourage them to not give up...we were almost at the top...they were doing great...I wonder if they heard me?

I was elated to finally see my family holding big signs and yelling my name, somewhere around the 24 mile mark, just before a water stop. I stopped long enough to give some quick hugs. and off I went with even more enthusiasm. I remember turning the corner and seeing the finish line. My legs were tired, my feet were tired and I had tears in my eyes. I finished the Boston Marathon! Barefoot! When I was younger all I wanted to do was come to the big city and run! I finally had made it. It was worth the wait. I had a fabulous run, a wonderful weekend with family and the best recovery after a marathon. My quads were tight for a couple of days but I had no calf pain or tiredness and my feet are just fine. No bruises, blisters or hot spots. Just took a couple of days to get the black tar stain off.

Here are some interviews related to my Boston Marathon experience:

I think I need some more time to think about things....I'll post more as I remember it...but for now: Enjoy!

My new tattoo: revisited!

So follow this link and see how my tattoo got "discovered"! :) I won a free t-shirt!

Monday, April 25, 2011

My First Boston Marathon: Part 1

Well, I've had a week to put my thoughts to paper. I have so many great reports that I don't know where to begin. I think I will begin as a kind of diary. and then I will go into my experience at the marathon as a separate post.

The girls and I left for Massachusetts on Friday morning, 4/16. It was a pretty uneventful drive. We arrived at our families place in Berkley, MA around 3pm. I don't mind the drive. It feels good to be out on the road. My children travel really well in the car. I get asked all those questions I swear they save up for 4 hour drives. Like, "Mom when I was a baby how long did I breast feed?" My youngest, who is 8, has a new facination with the Baby Story on TLC!

Friday night was a long night, we went to see the Red Sox play! Whoo Hoo! I haven't been to a game since I was probably 8-9 years old. We had perfect seats! 7 rows from 3rd base! It was alot of fun. We had to ride the subway to get to the game. It's always fun to experience the MBTA. Since my husband lived in Boston for several years he makes the best tour guide.

Saturday I spent nearly the whole day in Boston. The children played with their cousins, my husband worked on some welding for his boat and I drove to the nearest subway, got on, went to the city. Yes, all by myself. I felt like a big girl! All grown up and taking the subway! :) LOL I have to admit that I am not ready to face the subway barefoot. I wore my huarches. Once I arrived I went straight to the Boston Public Library where I met the Barefoot Naked Tour run group. After a few introduction from Chris McDougall and a few photos our group of 50 or so barefoot and minimalist runners set off on our 5 mile run along the Charles river. WOW! Nice to see Boston that way. I got some pretty pictures of the river. The only thing that would have made the day even better was if the sun was shining. It was windy and overcast. After the run I went to the Naked Cabaret and book signing at the library. I got my "Born to Run" book signed by Chris and was entertained by a lively group of professionals including Dr. Irene Davis and Dr. Daniel Lieberman. After this event I walked to the BAA Boston Marathon Expo. WOW again. It was pretty big. I don't believe I got to experience the whole thing. I think I missed a whole room. Stayed long enough to get my race packet, t-shirt, GU's, and try a few new products. I usually do not like crowds. I hate to go shopping at malls for that reason. So I was happy to leave, take the subway to my car and drive away from the city.

I decided that the girls had been so good that I made plans on Sunday to drive to the American Girl Doll store so they could spend their Christmas money. Once again crowds! All the little girls, all holding their American Girl Dolls. I think I saw one father in the whole store and he looked lost. He had that blank stare look about him. LOL! We had lunch with our friends at the Cheesecake Factory. We don't have a Cheesecake Factory in Maine so it was a special treat. The girls were excited to see their friends. They had a good day. Charles and I spent the night at the Colonial Inn in Charleston. We walked to the North End for Italian and had a relaxing evening together. The kids stayed with their cousins and had an Easter Egg hunt. It was nice to spend the night before the marathon with my husband. :)

The next day is the Boston I think I'll make that a new post.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My new tattoo

Been wanting to get another tattoo for awhile. I wanted it to mean something. On vacation in FL. with family for Christmas my husband took a few pictures of me running barefoot on the beach. We used a picture and asked an artist to come up with a drawing that would make a nice tattoo. After many days and many drawings later...I was quite picky about how I wanted it to look...this is what I did. On the left calf. I love it. Now I forget that I have it because I haven't been in shorts since our trip to the sunny south. Can't wait to show it off this summer. :)

My Huaraches.

Another learning moment....
Have been planning to run the Bosto Marathon this year for the first time ever. Barefoot of course. But my training without some kind of foot protection has left me wondering if I set an unrealistic goal. I can do the mileage...but can I do all 26.2 in barefeet? I ran my 20 miler in VFF on a cold, windy day with temps about 18 degrees. BRRRR. I ran the Hyannis Marathon, Hyannis , MA 2/27/11. It was a training run...would have run anyway, but why not run with 357 other runners right? Anyway, also a cold, snowy, wet day with temps below freezing. Wore my VFF again! Got blisters from the rubbing and wet things. HATE THAT! I think I would have been better of without footwear. Will post pics soon of my feet. One of the ends of my toes just fell off was a long time coming. Got frostbite last winter and has never been the same. Do we really need our toenails? A discussion for another time I think. Anyway, I'm rambling.

Did well with the time on the marathon. 3:50. My motivation as always is just getting to the finish line for warmth and a beer. :) Oh, I got my Huaraches Kit in the mail...YAY. have them put them so far. Walking in them is no problem. Only have tried them inside on the YMCA track for about 1 mile...not sure about them yet. I think they will just be another tool to help me fit in this summer when walking around town, or become my new car this point my assessment is that I would still rather be barefoot. Have some trail running events coming up this spring they may be good for some of the trails. We will have to wait and see....

What's next for me: 26.2 Hour Relay Marathon Challenge; April 2,2011(CHRHS Track) I will do a 1 hour leg of the relay to help support my friend Kathy with the Dana- Faber Cancer Research Marathon Challenge, in the memory of my friend Stephanie who just passed away from Breast Cancer.
Boston Marathon; April 18, 2011

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

When I first decided to give barefoot running a try I needed some insight, technique, and general knowledge. So I went onto the internet . I got some very useful information from both Barefoot Ted and Barefoot Ken Bob. This summer I had the great pleasure of hosting Barefoot Ken Bob, his wife Cathy and their really cute dog Herman. They traveled from Huntington Beach, CA across the United States and back hosting barefoot workshops along the way. My children still talk about their visit.

Ken Bob had lots of great advice to share with everyone and it was really fun to meet him and have him be a part of our lives for a couple of days. I was really excited to share with my community all the wonderful things that I had learned from Ken Bob as well as learn some new things myself.
I was just thinking about about Ken Bob and thought I'd share a photo with you.