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"I started running barefoot in March 2008. I started one step at a time, one day at a time. I decided to start keeping a journal of sorts. Sharing my history, my journey and my adventures."

I have taken some new paths in relation to my running over the last year. This blog will still include my running adventures but I have to move on with more stories of my family and the journey we have taken together over the last year. This blog was started as a way to help me record my barefoot journey but now needs to become more than that. Please be patient as I explore ways to stay connected with family and friends.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Another learning moment....
Have been planning to run the Bosto Marathon this year for the first time ever. Barefoot of course. But my training without some kind of foot protection has left me wondering if I set an unrealistic goal. I can do the mileage...but can I do all 26.2 in barefeet? I ran my 20 miler in VFF on a cold, windy day with temps about 18 degrees. BRRRR. I ran the Hyannis Marathon, Hyannis , MA 2/27/11. It was a training run...would have run anyway, but why not run with 357 other runners right? Anyway, also a cold, snowy, wet day with temps below freezing. Wore my VFF again! Got blisters from the rubbing and wet things. HATE THAT! I think I would have been better of without footwear. Will post pics soon of my feet. One of the ends of my toes just fell off was a long time coming. Got frostbite last winter and has never been the same. Do we really need our toenails? A discussion for another time I think. Anyway, I'm rambling.

Did well with the time on the marathon. 3:50. My motivation as always is just getting to the finish line for warmth and a beer. :) Oh, I got my Huaraches Kit in the mail...YAY. have them put them so far. Walking in them is no problem. Only have tried them inside on the YMCA track for about 1 mile...not sure about them yet. I think they will just be another tool to help me fit in this summer when walking around town, or become my new car this point my assessment is that I would still rather be barefoot. Have some trail running events coming up this spring they may be good for some of the trails. We will have to wait and see....

What's next for me: 26.2 Hour Relay Marathon Challenge; April 2,2011(CHRHS Track) I will do a 1 hour leg of the relay to help support my friend Kathy with the Dana- Faber Cancer Research Marathon Challenge, in the memory of my friend Stephanie who just passed away from Breast Cancer.
Boston Marathon; April 18, 2011

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