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"I started running barefoot in March 2008. I started one step at a time, one day at a time. I decided to start keeping a journal of sorts. Sharing my history, my journey and my adventures."

I have taken some new paths in relation to my running over the last year. This blog will still include my running adventures but I have to move on with more stories of my family and the journey we have taken together over the last year. This blog was started as a way to help me record my barefoot journey but now needs to become more than that. Please be patient as I explore ways to stay connected with family and friends.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Another Drive to Florida

Well, it's school vacation week again.

I decided to drive south with the 2 younger kids. Dad will stay home with the dogs and oldest daughter will stay home too, and work. I stopped to visit my friend Paula in Sebring, Fl. We did the Flatwoods Ramble 10M trail run, on Sunday (2/18), in Tampa. Was a VERY Flat course through the Florida Pines. Hot, around 70+ degrees at the start. I was worried about the heat so I ran a conservative first half and then feeling good I ran a faster second half. I was able to pass two girls at the finish to place 2nd Female overall. I got the trophy fr 1st Master F. I love being an old Fart! :) Spent a lovely afternoon with our friend and helped her celebrate her birthday with a birthday dinner and cake. The next day we went hiking in the highland Hammocks State Park, lunch by the lake and a drive to southern FL. to stay with grammy Hazel.

We have had a great week here in FL. went to the beach 3 times. Shopping once(because I hate shopping) and played a little tourist around town to see the sites one day as well. We went and had a great dinner with Uncle Bill, Dulce and Erica, spent the day with Uncle Bill at Hazel's and tomorrow I will try to run as many miles as I can in 6 hours in the Vista View 360, 6 hour ultra. I love being where it is warm! I've ben able to be barefoot ALL Day everyday and logged in over 30 miles of running this week. I can't wait to see if the trail is barefoot friendly at the Ultra.
Stay tuned for an update from my first 6 hour run! :)

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